Brimstone Originals

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Bleu Heat (Chunky Bleu Cheese dressing with a Habanero kick!)
Cranberry Pepper Jelly
Pineapple Pepper Jelly

Brimstone Originals all natural pepper jellies and wing sauces are a great complement to any party/function. The pepper jellies never need refrigeration, even after opening, with a shelf life of up to four years, so they're great for outdoor events. Their seemingly endless versatility avail themselves to grilling and as toppings, fillings, spreads, and as an ingredient for salad dressings, sauces, glazes, and dips. The wing sauces called Bleu Heat come in two heat levels, one that is "do-able" for most everyone, the other for the serious "pepperhead." Great as dips for chicken wings and fresh veggies and as toppings on steaks, burgers, and ribs. Established in 2003, the mother/daughter business has experienced continuous growth with its products now available in all Whole Foods Market stores throughout Florida. To experience their great products, visit their booth at the Saturday Morning Market in the parking lot of Progress Energy Field from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. October through May. 

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Community: Largo

P.O. Box 685

Largo, FL 33779

Phone: 727-538-9195

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